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Repainting the exterior or interior of your home for the first time can be overwhelming. While you may be tempted to ask Google for help on various projects, we thought we would make your search easier by providing you the answers to your questions in one place, accessible with one click.

Here is what you need to know when preparing your home for painting projects.

How Often Should I Paint My House?

Typically, you will need to paint your home every 5-10 years. However, that depends on factors such as weather, previous paint jobs, climate, etc.

The answer to this question also depends on the type of siding components you currently have installed on your home. If you have wood siding, that may require maintenance of 3-7 years, or every four years if it is stained.

Will Painting My House Increase Its Value?

The first thing people see when they come to your house is its exterior, which includes the paint, landscaping, and overall aesthetics.

Maintaining your paint will help you love your home more while keeping it pristine and increasing its resale value.

Painting the interior can also result in a 107% increase in your return on investment (ROI) while painting the exterior leads to a 55% ROI.

Painting the interior of your home offers a $2,000 increase in value while painting the exterior results in a $2,176 increase in value.

What is the Best Interior House Paint?

For budget, you may want to consider Glidden Essentials interior paint, as it provides high-quality paint at an affordable cost. It also offers up to 1,100 colors and comes in flat/matte, eggshell, or semi-gloss finishes.

If you’re not on such a tight budget, you may want to consider Sherwin-Williams Cashmere. Whether you paint the same amount of layers in one room or not, this paint will automatically level out into an even layer. It also gives you a silky, rich finish.
The answer is subjective and depends on what you are looking for in your interior painting project.

Looking for the right colour could also be difficult in an interior painting job, so something like Spruce Best Home Interior Paint & Primer might be a good option if you haven’t yet decided. This acrylic paint offers 32 curated shades that you can test out to find the right one that works for you.  

For a luxury wall paint, Backdrop Standard Finish interior paint goes on smoothly and dries quickly with minimal odours. There is also a mix of bold colors that can complement any accent walls you might have.

What is the Best Exterior House Paint?

You should consider four things when choosing the right exterior paint for your home: the size of your home, the cost, what type of wall you are painting, and what type of coat you are looking for.

If you are on a budget for your painting project, Diamond Brite is a solid choice to meet your painting needs. It can be used inside or outside the home, with a dry time between 10-12 hours and a 24-hour recoat time.

If you are not on a budget, BEHR gives you a classic appearance while using fewer coats. Unlike Diamond Brite, BEHR is acrylic, easy to clean with soap and water, and comes in flat, satin, or semi-gloss finishes.

For brick homes, you may want to consider ROMABIO Limewash, as it allows brick, stone, and other masonry surfaces to breathe. The dry time is only 10-60 minutes, depending on the weather. It also leaves your brick looking historic.  

For a range of colors, Farrow and Ball Exterior Eggshell paint offers 148 of them and comes with a silky finish. The formula is water-based, meaning it is quick-drying and resists water, fungus, and algae growth. Keep in mind this brand is expensive and will add up if you are painting the entire exterior of your home.

Stucco can also be tricky when it comes to finding the right paint. With a variety of finishes, BEHR offers a great product for stucco that will give your house a new, invigorating look that should last for two decades before retouches are needed.

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How Long Does It Take to Paint One Room?

Because there are so many factors to consider with each room, there is no set time for a particular room to be completed. It depends on the size of the room, prep work, roll-out, cleanup, and touch-up.

On average, prep work—which may include filling in existing holes, sanding, and taping the trim—can take 80 minutes to complete. Cutting into the ceiling and trim can take 140 minutes, while the actual roll-out painting takes about 0.185 minutes per square foot.

Keep in mind that after completing the paint job, you will need to clean up the remaining dust, tape, drop cloths, and then inspect the room for any spots you may have missed.

How Much Does It Cost to Paint the Interior of My House?

The average cost to paint the interior of your home is between $957-$2,888, with a national average of $1,887.

To break that down, a home interior or room costs about $2-$6 per square foot, with an average of $3.50 per square foot.

For a single room, you’re looking at $200-$1,000.

What Should I Prepare Before Painting My Home?

Plan, Plan, Plan!
Former U.S. President Dwight D. Eisenhower once said, “Plans are nothing; planning is everything.” That saying is crucial when prepping your home for painting!

The first thing you should start with is a plan. Think about how to break your project up into areas in your home that can be done together and consider testing the primary paint you prefer before painting (in case you run into any setbacks).
Get Your Test Swatches Before You Start
Test paint swatches, available at local home improvement stores, can give you a realistic idea of what the paint you selected will look like on the exterior or interior of your home.

In the same way that you might not want to buy a pair of jeans without trying them on first, you should try paint swatches before starting your painting project.

This will ensure you select the right color, but also the right style of paint you envisioned for your project.
Safety Matters: Consider Ladders and Scaffolds
If you are planning an exterior painting job on a multi-story home, you’ll want to consider your safety.

Having a ladder or scaffold ready will ensure your body is stable while completing your paint job.

Another factor to consider is the ground you will be working on; ladders are ideal for concrete or asphalt pavements, while scaffolding is preferable for softer surfaces, such as dirt or gravel.
Prepping for Exterior Paint: Sanding and Scraping
Most of the hard work comes before the painting. This is especially true of sanding and scraping, which will take up the majority of your exterior painting project.

Previously painted surfaces will typically have aging paint that needs to be sanded before repainting.

Though tedious, doing so will leave your house looking new and alleviate any potential marks or dips caused by the old paint.
Plan for Paint Spills
No matter how hard to try not to spill paint, a spill is bound to happen at some point during the process.

If you’re using latex paint, be sure to have water and clean rags near you.

For oil or enamel-based paint, there are two options for cleanup.

For an exterior paint job, you’ll need a thinner recommended by the paint manufacturer, which should be listed on the paint can label.

For an indoor painting project, use mineral spirits, as they have lower fumes.
Weather and Temperature Watch
Weather plays a key factor in what you can or cannot do for an exterior or interior painting job. Whether you check your weather via your phone, computer, TV, or other devices, be sure to see when a potential storm may be coming your way.

Keep in mind that while a storm might sound like the only weather concern, many paints are sensitive to temperature changes, so storing your project supplies in a temperature-controlled place is important to consider.
Keep Your Pets Safe
If you have a furry family member and you are planning a painting project at home, now would be the time to consider how the exterior or interior painting project will affect them.

Think about possible debris from sanding and scraping projects, or whether your pet will want to chew or eat some of your supplies.
Keep Your Plants Safe
If you are doing an exterior paint project, use a light canvas tarp to protect your shrubs and flowers during the day and remove the tarp at dusk so the plants can breathe.

Consider moving your flowers or shrubs into a pot if they are in the way of where your ladder needs to go.

Plants are also very sensitive to chemical changes in the soil, so you must keep the ground clear and clean up any spills as quickly as possible.
Locate Obstacles and Take Care of Them
Painter’s tape is truly your best friend when executing a painting project. You can tape off exterior outlets, hose racks and bibs, floors, and other items you may want to protect during your project.
Surface Repairs
Before you begin painting your porch, fence, or home, you should assess any damage so you can make the proper repairs.

Repairing any damage will ensure that your paint job will last for several years without you having to make further repairs and damaging the new paint you have applied.

You should also consider getting a power wash off your exterior to reveal any of these damages and eradicate any algae, fungi, or pollens from your home (which could grow under the new paint).

When is the Best Time to Paint During a Remodel?

Contractors hear this question all the time, and the good ones will all recommend the same thing: You'll have more flexibility with smaller paint projects in your home, but you should take time to consider larger painting projects during a remodel.

Consider starting your paint job once you finish any interior work, such as after completing interior wiring or piping, after extracting wood, tile, carpet, or linoleum flooring and before replacement, and after any work done to your walls.

When in Doubt, Call Us!

Planning for a major home painting project can be stressful, especially if this is your first time doing alone. If the information on this post overwhelms you, you can always contact a professional company for their advice.

At Innovation Reno, we have customer service specialists who can help answer your questions.

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