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Bathroom Renovation Company in Oakville, Burlington & Mississauga.

We take pride in our experience and ability to simplify the design process for you.

Renovating a bathroom is an exciting way to spruce up an intimate area of your home. It is a creative project that can greatly enhance the way you start and end your day.

With an array of styles to choose from, a bathroom renovation is both fun and complicated. Today, there are so many different options of bathtubs, sinks, flooring and finishes. The infinite amount of choice can make it a bigger project than meets the eye.

Here at Innovation Reno, we take pride in our experience and ability to simplify the design process for you. From the initial design to the final touches, you will have a team to guide you each step of the way.

It’s important that your bathroom renovation accomplishes your desired goals. It can be easy to get lost in the process, that’s why we have a structured approach that will make sure your renovation suits your needs for years to come.

We will start with understanding your reason and objective for the renovation. Once we have an idea of your vision, we can begin the design process and strategize a plan that meets your requirements.

When starting any renovation, a detailed plan will ensure that you, your wallet, and your time are pleased with the results. There’s nothing worse than a renovation becoming a nightmare in the process, giving you PTSD every time your brush your teeth.

It is our mission at Innovation Reno to serve your needs first and work diligently to exceed your expectations.

We are happy to help you find a solution.

To help you achieve the best possible results, it is important for us to define why it is you are deciding to remodel your bathroom.

From our experience, these are some common reasons you may have decided to renovation your bathroom:

Increase the home’s sale value
For safety reasons
Functionality and sustainability
Outdated design (aesthetic look)
In need of more storage
Your family’s needs have changed

Different circumstances may have pushed you to do some remodeling to your bathroom. Whether you are selling your home and would like to increase its value or there are plumbing or circulation issues, we are happy to help you find a solution.

We like to start with your “Why” to make sure that the issue is addressed first and foremost. It is easy to get hypnotized by a shinning new bathtub or faucet, make the replacement, and still have that annoying leak that may be causing even more problems.

Our goal at Innovation Reno is build a bathroom that will stand the test of time. Looks are important but sustainability always comes first. That is where our expertise stands out from other general contractors. We take a big picture approach to solve all your wants and needs, making sure to deliver the best results.

Access your needs for the best results

Before we get into the design, we will have a meeting to discuss your needs. As mentioned above, taking the time to plan the details will benefit you more in the long run.

You may already know the specific reason you want to remodel, whether it is to refresh the design aesthetic or build a safer space for the elderly or disabled. While we are fixing your main issue, take some time to think about how else your bathroom could serve your better.

It is helpful to write down a list of everything your bathroom needs and everything that you want it to have. This is best done by going through your daily routine and making note of areas that could be improved.

Perhaps it would be helpful to have more storage options or you’re realizing there really isn’t a need to have a bathtub at all. By going through your natural daily routine, you can pick up on new design ideas that would make more sense for your lifestyle.

Once you have prepared a list of your desires, we will sit down together and begin to strategize a beautiful yet functional bathroom to suit your family’s needs.

Establish Your Bathroom Makeover Design

We’re about to start the exciting part of your bathroom renovation, the design. You’ve been catching up on HGTV and watching as many YouTube bathroom design videos as possible. If design isn’t your area of expertise, not a worry at all. Our team is equipped with ideas and samples to help you make the best decisions. We have the process down to a science and we are just as excited as you to get started.

Let’s start with the overall style of your bathroom. It will be helpful to base your design off a theme so that we can pick the best pieces to match your desired aesthetic.

Explore some popular styles such as Victorian, traditional, rustic, farmhouse, shabby-chic, beach inspired or an eclectic mix that resonates with your varied tastes.

Once we have defined your idea of a dream bathroom, we can select an appropriate bathtub, shower head, sink and toilet to connect every corner of the room. We enjoy bringing these details together to create a bathroom that you truly enjoying spending time in.

Even when it comes to storage, you will be impressed at the options we are able to provide. A clean and functional bathroom starts with a thought out storage system.

Let’s face it, we collect a lot of things and our list of items for our morning skin regime seems to get bigger every month. We support your self love practice and make sure to use the space in your bathroom wisely. At the end of the day, your bathroom renovation is more than just a pretty face lift for us. We are passionate about designing a room that is like a beautiful, one-of a kind, Swiss army knife of bathrooms.

You have a vision.
We can make it a reality.

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What materials are best for bathrooms?

If you want your bathroom to last for many years to come, you have to decide on materials that are the best fit for the bathroom environment. It may sound like a cozy idea to have beautiful hardwood floors in your bathroom. That decision will turn out to be disastrous once it begins to warp after a few steamy showers.

There are many things to consider when it comes to material choices. Keeping a mindful eye on these decisions amongst everything else can be daunting. That’s why we are equipped with a variety of options that will set you up to make the best choices.

When it comes to flooring, some great choices to consider are slip-resistant tile or linoleum flooring. Even when it comes to linoleum, it is important to opt for sheet flooring as opposed to linoleum boards, which are more prone to water damage.

When it comes to the walls, you don’t have have to worry so much about slippage. You can choose a beautiful ceramic, porcelain, or stone tile arrangement inspired by Morocco. Of course, the most common option is to simply paint the walls. This is a great option so long as you go with a high quality, water resistant paint that will keep its color. We recommend staying away from flat matte shades which loves to show off every droplet of water.

We have built many different styles of bathrooms and offer suggestions to help you decide on the most durable materials. We are equipped with samples for everything from flooring, countertops and tiles to windows, lighting, and safety options.

When it comes to designing a bathroom that lasts the test of time, we are passionate about helping you create a space that is safe, comfortable, and longstanding.

How to plan a bathroom renovation?

Your home is an important space. Beginning a renovation calls for a strategic and well thought out plan to achieve the best results. You’ll want to consider all of the details before the demolition in order to maximize your time, stay within your budget, and ultimately build a space of quality.

Luckily, we have done this many times before. We are looking forward to guiding you through this process and providing all the information you need along the way.

Once we have decided on the objective of your renovation and have chosen the best materials, we can access your space, take measurements, and sketch out your design.

We will then transfer the design to graph paper with the appropriate measurement to accurately plan the layout. We take account every inch of your bathroom, from the centerline of the sink and toilet to the general length and width of the space as a whole.

Whether you are working with a large or small bathroom space, we will devise a create floor plan that meets your needs. This is often done using several copies to explore difference options.

The planning stage is essential for an efficient project execution and additional to ensure we stay within your budget. Your new bathroom will not feel the same if it costs you an arm and a leg.

It is important to us to bring together a high-quality design and affordable solutions for every budget.

During this stage, we are able to get an idea of what is possible and discover way that we can remain economical.

How Much Does a Bathroom Remodel Cost?

This is a common question and one that will vary from project to project. It really comes down to how much you want to spend.

That will be dependent on your current access to cash and different financing options you have available. At the end of the day, we are open to work with what is best and most comfortable for you.

The cost of your bathroom renovation will be dependent on the features and materials that you choose. When choosing your ideal toilet, mirrors or shower, there are an array of options to choose from to suit every budget.

This is the importance of starting with a plan and constructing the elements of your bathroom before anything else. Before we begin the demolition, you will feel at ease knowing that the project has been thought out from start to finish.

That is the benefit of working with a knowledgeable team that puts your needs first. With our experienced team at Innovation Reno, we are able to see the project as a whole, avoid costly mistakes, and ensure that we stay within your budget. There are many tricks and strategic options to keep bathroom renovation costs down and we are happy to help you meet your goals.

We have designed bathrooms of all shapes and sizes, from luxury to the most budget friendly. It is a creative process that we take to heart and want to make sure that you are 100% thrilled with the design, the cost, and the lasting results.

Bathroom renovation for elderly or special disability needs

As we get older or we are challenged to navigate life with a disability, the design of our home and especially the bathroom calls for added measures.

Toilet accidents and shower slips are unfortunately a frequent problem. Bathrooms tend to be a wet, slippery and sometimes hazardous place. This environment must adapt to our changing needs as we go through life.

To provide a safe and comfortable bathroom environment, we are knowledgeable about enhancing the space to meet your physical capabilities.

Whether you are in need of slip-resistant flooring, a wheelchair accessible space, or grab bars next to the toilet and in the showers, it will be our priority to deliver a safe, mobility friendly bathroom for any elderly or disabled persons.

Working with Innovation Reno

It is our mission to provide you with an impressive renovation experience from start to finish. When it comes to your home, hiring a skilled and professional company is of upmost importance if you want a smooth and stress-free execution.

Renovating your home shouldn’t be a nightmare, lasting months and months beyond deadlines.

Schedule a free consultation with Innovation Reno and we’ll be happy to answer any questions.

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You'll receive more than your dream space.
We create memorable experiences.

You'll receive more than
your dream space.
We create memorable experiences.

We contacted Carlos Pena to examine a leakage on our roof. He was very thorough in isolating the problem, including inspecting the entire roof and the attic and installed an effective short term repair, giving us time to evaluate various options. Carlos Pena's work was efficient and effective and he conducted himself in a professional and ethical manner at all times. I would not hesitate to use his services again and certainly would not hesitate to recommend him to others.

Randy and Ivana

We contacted Carlos Pena to examine a leakage on our roof. He was very thorough in isolating the problem, including inspecting the entire roof and the attic and installed an effective short term repair, giving us time to evaluate various options. Carlos Pena's work was efficient and effective and he conducted himself in a professional and ethical manner at all times. I would not hesitate to use his services again and certainly would not hesitate to recommend him to others.

Randy and Ivana

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